Boxing Champion – Muhammad Ali

The Great Ali.

To many boxing fans, Muhammad Ali is a living legend, an icon, and an idol for many upcoming boxers from every corner of the world. Muhammad Ali might be old now, but his legacy still lives with boxing fans. Most boxer’s today dream of reaching the heights of this legend in their boxing careers. Unfortunately, it will likely be a long wait before seeing another boxer as great as Ali.Muhammad-Al

Early Life:-Muhammad Ali was born on January 17, 1947 in Louisville, Kentucky. His early life was never easy as he was faced with numerous cases of racial discrimination growing up in the south. However, close sources say that Ali showed great character and a sense of humility even when he was racially prejudiced and abused by people who had bad sentiments about the black. Ali was never afraid of anything; he took on risky challenges even when he was young. Most likely, people say that his early life steered him forward to become one of the greatest boxers in the world, winning the gold gloves, and the world heavyweight boxing championship.

Boxing Beginnings:-Ali developed an interest in boxing at the age of 12. Ali began his career in boxing not knowing that he would eventually be an international icon. One day, when Ali was still young, someone stole his bicycle and he reported the matter to the police. When they apprehended the thief, Ali asked the police for permission to beat him (the thief) up, but the police office refused to allow it. The policeman, Martin, told Ali that he had to first train. That he needed to know how to fight if he wanted to beat up the thief. From that incident, Martin, and Ali worked together to nurture Ali’s talent in boxing.

Boxing Career:-In his fight in 1954, Ali won the fight on a split decision, but it was a great sign of a developing fighter to start a career with a win. In 1956, he went ahead and won the lightweight golden gloves for novices. After three years, in 1959, Ali won yet another golden gloves honor but this time in the National Golden Gloves Tournament Champions. In the same year, he won the Amateur Athletic Union’s title.

Ali’s global recognition came when he earned a place to represent the United States of America in 1960. His height and footwork made him a success in the competition in, which he won his first three fights before overcoming Zbigniew Pietrzkowski to win his first gold medal. This victory earned him resounding fame in America and the rest of the world.
In early 1970, Ali cemented his legacy into history by beating Jerry Quarry, Joe Frazier, and George Foreman in Kinshasa Zaire. In the late 1970’s, age was catching up with Ali, which opened doors to his career decline. In 1978, Leon Spinks knocked him down. Two years later Larry Holmes knocked him out. His last fight was in 1981, when he lost his heavyweight title to Trevor Barbick. A day after the fight, Ali announced his retirement.
Though retired, Ali continues to inspire generations of fighters. He is a legend and will be remembered for as long as people have memories. Thank you, for all you have done, Muhammad Ali!

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